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Hello all,

I am making this vote for the explicit purpose of putting into writing the following as rule of the wiki regarding voting and voting rights.

This Act will:

  1. Establish voting the primary method of decision making on the wiki
  2. Establish voting as a right of any user level 7 or higher that has not been banned from the wiki or the wiki's chat. For these users, their voting rights will be suspended for the period of their ban. This provision will take effect when the wiki has more than 20 regular users.
  3. Establish that a vote will not be considered complete until it receives a certain number of votes to be set by the admin team and to be revised once every six months in order to reflect changes in the population.
  4. Establish that a vote can have amendments attached to it by other users. These amendments will be voted upon and if they receive the required number of votes will be adopted with the rest of the proposal
  5. Establish that any future votes for granting user rights to any user following the adoption of this act will be determined by a majority vote of the users level 7 or higher.
  6. Establish that no member of leadership defined as chat moderator or higher may take any executive action that overrules the vote of the people and if such is attempted the action is null and void and the users level five or higher may bring the process of impeachment
  7. Establish that a vote to impeach a member of leadership will take a vote of a significant number of level 7 and higher users to be determined by a vote of the leadership team and revised every six months as well as two thirds of all members of leadership.

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