Hallo, everyone! Sophie here! This here blog of mine serves one single purpose; to grant background to the locations on the campus of Olympus Academy. It is a WIP for the time being, but it'll grant great IC backstory for the Academy.

Let's begin, shall we?

The Stadthalle

The Stadthalle is the main building of Olympus Academy, and it, along with the Turnhalle, is one of the oldest buildings in the Academy. The Stadthalle is home to the bold majority of classes, as well as the Grand Library, the Cafeteria, and the Stadthalle is where you can find the Headmaster's Office. Some teachers have their offices in the Stadthalle (this is up to user's discretion :) )

The Turnhalle

B&W Hallerne

The Esprit Building

Hammersmith Apollo/Apollo Building

The Malmö Building

The Crystal Hall