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    February 25, 2017 by JayeMalik'

    (n.) a very good friend or comrade that one considers as family, even if they're not necessarily related.

    Hello! I'm aware we've got about three or four dynamics already running, but there were people interested in this one, which I was tasked with announcing! Basically, this dynamic is a year dynamic, meaning it's a dynamic based off the relations of the students in the same year/grade. If you've seen the year dynamics on DARP, you'll know what I'm talking about. This dynamic, though, is solely for high school freshmen. It's also based off your stereotypical American class, so that's that. Everyone is free to join, so long as the characters are freshmen in high school! The dynamic's name is nakama - as is defined above.

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    February 24, 2017 by JayeMalik'

    A school's not exactly a school if it doesn't have a club/committee designed specifically for dances and parties and stuff, amirite? So, this is for that in specific. These characters are all latinos, one way or another, from all kind of species, that tend to be in charge of everything entertainment-related. They're the ones that throw most of the schools' parties, make up the school dances' committees, and some are even known to host the legendary raves in the old warehouse. also lbr they probably supply all the alcohol for the student body.

    p.s. there can be more than one person in charge of each thing, but pls no more than 3
    p.p.s. there can be the occasional non-hispanic bean but pls keep it at a minimum xD
    p.p.p.s don't edit the blog w/o …

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