Dynamic Link User Heading Dynamic Name Description
The Zodiacs Frost The Zodiacs Twelve characters, referring around in different ages and grades, are all born under one of the zodiac signs.
Euphoria Jaye Euphoria They're latinos, from all kind of species, that tend to be in charge of everything entertainment-related. They're the ones that throw most of the schools' parties, make up the school dances' committees, and some are even known to host the legendary raves in the old warehouse.
The Musicians Carnarvan The Musicians A sh*t ton of characters that all represent a genre of music. Of course, they're the best musicians in the whole school
Nickname Squad Carn Nickname Squad A dynamic based off ourselves ranging from HS Sophomores to Uni Sophomores
Nakama Jaye Nakama The freshman class of Olympus Academy, based off your stereotypical American class.