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What is your character's personality like? What do they like or dislike? What made them that way? At least 3-4 sentences.

Zane is very aggressive, like any alpha wolf should be, taking on anyone willing to defy or insult him. His drinking problem however frankly makes him the opposite, not wanting to hurt a fly. There is no possible way anyone would get Zane to stop drinking, so it is completely useless for someone to try, unless Zane has deep feelings for that person, which will never happen. The only time Zane happens to not be drunk is during classes, being that he wants to pay attention to get back out in the real world. The tough exterior that gained Zane the alpha wolf position with the other werewolves at the school, is just a front he puts on to keep his position, hiding that his drunk side is his true side.

What is your character's history? How did they find out about their supernatural genes? At least 5-7 sentences.

His whole family were always looking down at Zane since a young age. He was the youngest, smallest and dumbest of his two other identical brothers. They always expected more from him but Zane could never live up to it, crushing his spirit in the processes. He tried to live up to his parents expectations, trying to become smarter and bigger but that all changed when one a full night he was bitten by a werewolf at the age of 13, becoming faster, stronger and bigger that his brothers. He kept the fact that on full moons he could turn into a werewolf from his family in case they didn't expect him for being different. That changed when he wasn't prepared for the next full moon, so when it happened, his two brothers came into his room, checking on what that noise was and Zane killed both of his brothers, not knowing what he was doing. When the night was finally over, Zane noticed what he done and ran away from his home, not wanting to see his parent's face when they find out what happened. He ran and ran, crossing over to France. He kept on travelling and soon found a werewolf pack near his 18th birthday. They all saw him as young and naive and took him to somewhere that could help him, Olympus Academy. Once there he learnt everything he could and stayed there to university, and gaining a drinking problem as a way to deal with his past.

What is your character's appearance like? Who are they modeled by?

Model by Jai Courtney

What species is your character?


What year is your character in? Remember, it does not have to be seventh grade. Olympus Academy runs from seventh grade to 12th in University

First year of University

Anything else you would like to add?

He is a major alcoholic


You can't fix me. I'm unbreakable . The Jam Man.JammySiggy


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