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What is your character's personality like? What do they like or dislike? What made them that way? At least 3-4 sentences.

Aelin Franziska Kaiser was the prodigal child of the German-Austrian Kaiser clan – poised to become a powerful mage - the best of her family name since her great-grandfather, heralded as a great warrior in the history of the Supernaturals. However, she’s been forced to grow up fast, and she’s no longer a child; she was thrown into another dimension by a friend she thought she trusted, where she was imprinted on by an ancient and powerful demon of legend. Her closest friend in this world, in all the worlds, had become power-hungry. And she’s just waiting to usurp Aelin’s extensive power once she stops fighting – while everyone else tries to save her. As you can tell, this is quite impactful on someone's well-being.
Aelin, before her demon came into the picture, was a happy-go-lucky soul with some distaste for academics, despite her parents' lengthy efforts to get her to understand its importance - she'd feign interest to their face, and let herself slack a little for personal enjoyment. She was the sort of selfless person who would do anything to assist others, sacrificing herself in the process, the sort of person who trusted fairly easily and did her best to always see the best in people. Besides this, Aelin had always been the sort of girl to love a good party - a little party never killed nobody.
Since her new life began, Aelin has retreated into a shell she has built up around herself. There are and were many reasons for this that have evolving over the past three years. The first reason was that Aelin didn't want to hurt anyone in those moments where she was in control, so she distanced herself from friends and family. The second was the demon - wary of any attempts to exorcise it from its new host. The third, pure fear of anger against her; and the fourth, the malevolent demon tearing her down from the inside whenever she wrests control away. It tells her things, and she believes them. And the last - Aelin is terrified of being hurt. After her best friend, her lover, betrayed her and got her into this situation, she's scared to trust anymore. The best way to do that is to avoid people entirely.

What is your character's history? How did they find out about their supernatural genes? At least 5-7 sentences.

Aelin Franziska Kaiser once lived in the same world as you and me; before she faded away, essentially ceased to exist. Fourteen years ago, on a gloomy Sunday, she greeted the world sunny side up – but, outside, it was thundering and raining, in an ominous omen.
From birth, she was the prodigal child of the German-Austrian Kaiser clan; one of the few remaining matriarchal mage families that existed near the Olympus Academy, where her family had attended for generations.
Aelin is unaware of the fact that she was not the first Kaiser child, she believes she is the first and only. The sad fact is that she is the seventh, the seventh daughter of the seventh son; because of the fact the myth is seventh son of the seventh son, they assumed she would be another failure. Yet there, clearly on the skin of their new-born’s forearm, was the Kaiser emblem; a sign of their magical blood running in their little girl’s veins.
What happened to the other six? They were placed in the nearby orphanage with a name that had no link to the Kaiser dynasty. To Aelin, there is no such thing as ‘sibling’ – she has none, although she craves to have one, or more for the companionship. Growing up alone in a large mansion on the outskirts of Düsseldorf was a lonely life, and there were only certain sorts the Kaisers could bear to be seen to associate with, so her friends were chosen for her.
Her parents piled pressure on her to be perfect in all areas of life. Manners, academics, languages, all of them. Their only magical child, she was to inherit the family name and its splendid fortunes – she had to be perfect. With the name and magic of course, so too came its spoils, this was shown by how she got nearly everything she wanted.
I say nearly because Aelin was not permitted to practice sport.
She’d look longingly out over the mansion grounds and onto distant fields, where she would see the boys and girls playing football together. But, her parents said, as the inheritor of the family name she had to honour it – and that did not include playing sport. Sport was a common profession and Kaisers could not be seen to practice it.
Aelin was raised to be a powerful mage. She was and is one. Her mother was overpowered by her father, her grandmother by her grandfather, her great-grandmother by her great-grandfather. The matriarchal group was determined that their child would be more powerful than any prospective suitor, or future brother she may have, but they wouldn’t marry her to someone weak or worthless in order to meet that dream.
Thus, as all Kaisers have, she entered the halls of Olympus Academy at eleven years old. Aelin was supposed to be as good a student as she was under parental supervision, but the spark of rebellion was alight in her from the moment she stepped in. A girl in her year quickly became her best friend. Aelin began to grow concerned for her friend as she continuously spent time around a sixth year, Nyssa Alkaios-Bondevik, who just struck Aelin as having the wrong vibe. Yet she was convinced to go with her, that she was fine, and Aelin trusted her.
In third year Aelin backed out, after Nyssa graduated and it would be harder to meet. They seemed to be far too obsessed with the concept of growing more and more powerful, but she stayed friends. Nyssa had seemed to everyone to drop off the map near-on immediately, but she always seemed to know where she was and what she was doing. Nyssa herself had quickly begun to scare Aelin, it had always felt like Nyssa had it out for her.
Early in the following year she found out all too late. Her closest friend had honed her ability to go between worlds, universes, and asked Aelin to travel with her (she could take anyone with her should she need to). They travelled to a world where, unknown to Aelin, a powerful demonic force resided. Aelin had fallen in love with her classmate, would follow her anywhere, so when her classmate presented her with an old artifact and said she should take it as a gift from her (to represent their love and what have you) Aelin picked it up. The magical touch freed the demon and it immediately took root in Aelin's body, rendering her unconscious. When Aelin came to, struggling against the demon, she asked her why this had been.
Her friend wanted her power as well as her own; she said Nyssa had suggested it. After that first confrontation her ex-lover disappeared, presumably to join her mentor, and left Aelin alone. Since then there have been several attempts by the school to remove the demon, none of which have been successful. It's a testament to Aelin's ability as a Mage that she's managed to keep her head above water so long - but she's afraid that if they don't manage to remove it, she'll eventually lose control completely. She spends her nights induced into a deep sleep by a sleeping draught brewed by Professor Vasiliyeva, for comfort as well as for the safety of those who share her dorm. This demon is nothing but ill-intentioned.

What is your character's appearance like? Who are they modeled by?

Aelin's faceclaim is Lena Meyer-Landrut.

What species is your character?

Aelin is a Mage, possessed by a powerful demonic force.

What year is your character in? Remember, it does not have to be seventh grade. Olympus Academy runs from seventh grade to 12th in University.

Aelin is a senior, the twelfth grade.

Anything else you would like to add?



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