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What is your character's personality like? What do they like or dislike? What made them that way? At least 3-4 sentences.

Yulia was once a laid-back type of person. Until... everything happened.

Yulia has been forever scarred ever since her life took a full 180. Nowadays, she carries herself with nothing less than a firm hand and tough appearance. But those who know Yulia the best, know that those are just Yulia's walls, that she has built over time. Deep down, Yulia can still be touched and conquered. In fact, it is unbelievably easy to reach her heart; you just gotta find it.

You'd think Nyssa got Yulia too deep. Well, that is not the case. To that extent, it is still common to see Yulia smiling; you can't always tell if she's genuine about it or not, but the idea is the same. Emotions roll over Yulia harder than ever before, and it's self-explanatory enough that Yulia is a rollercoaster of emotions. Sure, she could do great things, but she can't stay happy for more than 30 minutes. And this isn't helped by the fact she's telepathic. In fact, it hurts her more that her emotions frequently spill over into her telepathic abilities.

What is your character's history? How did they find out about their supernatural genes? At least 5-7 sentences.

Tina Serdyuk was the literal meaning of a disaster. Everything that could have gone wrong... did, and nothing was helping.

She was a failing student and she was battling a really, really bad case of depression, with the side of bipolar disorder. And on top of that, she was very anti-social and had serious trouble talking to anyone. It didn't help to even use her telepathic abilities. She wasn't a people-person at all.

As if that wasn't enough... ever since Tina was 13, she had carried children. Against her wishes, but she honestly is one of those people who... just can't do jack about it. She'd say no... but fear and to an extent, some hope of happiness caused her to reluctantly agree. Had someone not stepped in... Tina would have been basically done for.

She aborted those three times that she got pregnant. Tina finally reaches 17 years of age, but of course, disaster comes as it pleases. She got pregnant. Again. The poor girl was in tears for the rest of the school year. Her few friends, and some others told her that it might be for the better that she terminates the pregnancy again. She refused. She told them, "I'm done hiding and killing innocent kids. I know I didn't want them. But that gives me no reason to just... kill them. This isn't right. For them. For me."

So it turned into sheer surprise for a time. The girl who hardly ever spoke... finally spoke up. And surprise came to her. Turns out... Tina was carrying triplets. True, it made things more complicated, because she got repeatedly dissed at school for being pregnant, and it helped not that she was late on a regular basis. It is hard to move around when you're bogged down by three kids in your stomach.

Finally, the faithful day came. On May 9th, 1992, in a hospital in Malmö, Sweden, Tina Serdyuk gave birth to three healthy baby girls. First came Emmelie Serdyuk, then came Elina Serdyuk and finally, Yulia Serdyuk.

Now comes in Yulia. Yulia seemed much like her mother at first. She didn't do very much, and hardly, if at all, played with her sisters. It was only when Emmelie and Elina started dragging her along to play that Yulia started to warm up about it.

It was not long after the triplets' 6th birthday that their mother told about their telepathic abilities. It was an unusual concept to all three. The idea of communicating without speaking a word? You could say they might have had a few bright ideas. But they were never a reality, because what the triplets didn't know, until they were told, was that telepathic communication is just like regular communication. It can be interrupted, by other telepathics.

Anyway, the triplets were to attend their mother's alma mater, Olympus Academy, once they turn of age. And that, they did do. Like other Psychics, they did not receive formal enrollment letters, but rather, they received their acceptance through a dream, that cannot be forgotten. At least, not until they started in the Academy.

Back to Yulia. Yulia was a shy little girl at first. It took her a long while to get used to being with more people than she'd have imagined. In her fourth year at the Academy (OOC: equivalent to HS sophomore), someone finally caught her eye. A girl. It was kinda there and then that Yulia realized she'd rather fall head over heels for a girl rather than a guy. Speaking of which... it was a girl in her year. Nyssa Alkaios-Bondevik. Yulia spent a year or so crushing on Nyssa, too shy and awkward to tell her that.

But little did Yulia know, Nyssa had feelings for her too. It was only when the two admitted their mutual feelings that things really kicked off for the two. They dated for some time. Yulia admitted once to Nyssa that she'd love to have kids with her, and that she did want.

But things turned for the worse. Around the time that Yulia discovered her pregnancy, she met the shocking truth. Nyssa had disappeared, and no one knows what happened. Yulia, broken hearted, committed, what in her mind was, a great crime. She terminated her pregnancy. And she regretted it. But there was nothing to be done.

Yulia went to graduate from the Academy, still carrying a broken heart from that incident. She was forever changed as a person after Nyssa's disappearance. Feeling like she couldn't be complete without the Academy in her life, Yulia went on to become a teacher back in the Academy, teaching Psychic Identity, a class which to her, has a lot of value.

One summer though, Yulia was walking through the streets of Austria, when she came upon an orphanage. Determined to correct her mistakes in life, she went in, with the aim to adopt. And adopt she did. She adopted _____ (name tbd). Little did she notice at first, she had in fact adopted her once-lover's, Nyssa, illegitimate child. Yulia felt bad for a moment, because when Nyssa resurfaced again... Yulia had great difficulty accepting that she held the child of the one she loved, who had now taken a full 180 degree turn.

But Yulia is still living life, with a child of someone she used to love. Who knows what is next...

What is your character's appearance like? Who are they modeled by?

Yulia's model is Felicity Jones.

What species is your character?

Human/Psychic (Telepathic)

What year is your character in? Remember, it does not have to be seventh grade. Olympus Academy runs from seventh grade to 12th in University


Anything else you would like to add?

She's the teacher for Psychic Identity c:


Feel Your Heart Beat ~Sophie



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