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What is your character's personality like? What do they like or dislike? What made them that way? At least 3-4 sentences.

Celestia is, overall, a fairly confusing human being - she accepts that, completely, as part of her journey in this life - that it's fairly difficult per all accounts to get to know. A naturally distrusting nature comes from being rejected by her own family after the abilities manifested in her; but, of course, once you've broken down her walls she is the most loyal friend (or family) anyone could ever have. This has been discovered by all the other Zodiacs, whom she is protective of and would move heaven and earth for.
Once Celestia believes she's right, it can be quite difficult to convince her she's wrong. Her stubbornness is to thank for that. A certain reckless streak can manifest itself if she's possessed by a sudden bravery. She's very good at creating something out of nothing, a resourcefulness few can imitate.
She's not one to tell secrets, she keeps her own cards close to her chest. It's quite simple in a way to make her genuinely jealous, this is because she falls in love too hard and too fast, and hell - hell has no wrath like an angry Celestia Weichselbraun. It does take a while for this to happen, because Celestia is generally fairly calm, and empathetic, with an impulse to help and protect people. Her ways of doing this can occasionally be somewhat unorthodox, but she's a mysterious person, so, she's naturally going to have more mysterious methods.
A hallmark is her ability to make a joke or a sarcastic comment out of anything to brighten somebody's day.

What is your character's history? How did they find out about their supernatural genes? At least 5-7 sentences.

If you ask Celestia Weichselbraun herself, she will tell you she has no family – and according to the age-old family tree tapestry in her ancient family home she got kicked out of as a young teen, she truly doesn’t. Burnt out of the line, forgotten, never talked about – they had been one of the few human families that prided themselves on not fraternising with those with powers. The dynasty was of the not-so-humble opinion that those who had these ‘powers’, or were even of another species entirely, were freaks and that they should only mix with their own. The problem with those who have more mental abilities, nothing visible, meant that they could be difficult to spot. And Celestia’s unwitting father, heir to his father’s multi-million scheme, was the fly in the honey-trap.
It was a plan some of those who had run-ins with the family had cooked up. To have the treasured son, Frederik, fall in love with a psychic girl, and when the time came to reveal it – the family would have to accept her, or ruin their reputation forever. This plan came into fruition in the form of a telepath in a late-night bar, and it worked out perfectly; or it would have, were it not for her falling in love with him despite the knowledge of how much danger she could be in. They started dating, were engaged, married, and had a child – all, it seemed, in a fast blur.
But then, suddenly, Celestia’s mother disappeared into thin air and never came back. Frederik Weichselbraun was devastated and began to retreat from the public eye. He spent most of his time caring for his baby daughter, trying to be two parents in one parent. This was until she was seven years old. When she was seven years old Celestia discovered that she could talk to people, in their minds, and thought her father would be proud. Instead, he was scandalised, and rejected her. She was disowned, sent off to an orphanage and left. Burnt out of the tapestry, forgotten, and it showed that the plan had failed.
She kept the surname to spite him and she still wears it today. It’s not a name she wears with pride, and it was met with much animosity during her days at the academy. Celestia did not trust many people, assumed they would all leave her, no matter how much they claimed to like her or said they’d never leave – and the more this case was proved true, the more paranoid she became. She graduated from the Academy mostly alone, her passion mostly wasted, and this continued until she got her job and found them.
Twelve of them. All different signs under the stars – it was almost like it was destiny. And no matter how many times they tried to go their separate ways, they always ended up back together. She was the only adult and at first this was awkward, but she quickly developed an older-sister protective-like feeling over all of them. They were all from powerful families, like hers, so some of them had similar stories.
They still find the fact that she can tell if they’re lying super irritating. It doesn’t get less irritating from here.

What is your character's appearance like? Who are they modeled by?

Her FC is Poli Genova.

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