Welcome to the Olympus Academy Roleplay Wiki! Before you start roleplaying, the first thing we need to do is find out a little more about your character. If your character is a student, click here, but if your character is an adult click here.
About the Character
  • Name: Your character must have a first and last name. Unless they are characters that have not been exposed to the modern world. It also must make sense. If your character has never been exposed to anything modern, they would not have a modern-day name. Please keep that in mind.
  • Personality: Your character's personality should be at least one paragraph, three to five sentences long.
  • History: Your character's history should be at least three paragraphs long (each paragraph being three to five sentences). Some things you can put in your character's history are their family and how they grew up. Please include how they came across the school. If your character is a ghost, please write about how they died.
  • Occupation (Adults): If your character is an adult, just saying their occupation in the enrollment forum does not necessarily mean that they will get the job. Unless your character has a freelance profession, they need to sign up for their occupation.
  • Rare and Natural Abilities: Please keep these abilities realistic to your characters species. A werewolf will never be able to perform witchcraft and a Witch can never turn into a wolf at the full moon.
OOC Things
  • If an admin comments on your sorting forum and asks to make a change and you do not do it within one week, your forum will be deleted.
  • Please sign your forum with ~~~~ or your signature.
  • You will be given two weeks to finish a WIP sorting.
Please read the policies for more information.
Contact any member of the Acceptance and Buisnesses Department if you need any help.